Retro design reinterpreted

The motifs of the retro wallpapers show that even with apparently well-known motifs, further development is possible. Large, geometrical shapes in strong colours and a new graphic interpretation can convey a pop and cheerful feeling of space (picture: Stellatonda Turquoise/Girlanden ).With reminiscences of exciting times, a retro wallpaper by this famous German brand MOWADE brings joie de vivre to the wall.

monumental metal

Wall motifs with a strong style factor are the hallmarks of the monumental metal wallpaper. The metal look of the wallpaper motifs ensures a powerful appearance of the room. Unusual design language, from dynamic to artistically expressive, stage a room in a cool, metallic manner and still lively in an individual size. Please note that these wallpapers are matt or semi-matt non-woven wallpapers that are individually printed using the digital printing process. It is not a metal wallpaper. Shiny chrome or shiny gold cannot be printed using this process. A possible visual impression of shiny metal is only created by the motif and not by the high-quality non-woven material.

Symphonicon blau schwarz ohneWasserzeichen

New Modern Collection

A highly modern design language characterizes the motifs of the Neue Modern collection. Idiosyncratic, trendy, wild, stylish or even sophisticated geometric with modern reinterpretations of retro patterns. The motifs are definitely real eye-catchers and a visible statement for sophisticated modern living in an individual look and format.


The wallpaper design is dedicated entirely to the subtle luxury of confident elegance. In terms of taste, they stand for a pronounced sense of style, which impresses equally in the special combination of shape and color harmonies and sophisticated boldness in the form. As a result, the wallpaper design elegance enables the stylish frame for an exclusive interior design with a high style factor.

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