Decorative Accessories

Decorative Accessories

You have finally furnished your new home but there is something missing … the wow effect!

Small accessories and subtle home decoration can help you to personalise your living environment without breaking the bank.

Whether it is the chic Scandinavian & Boho Style, the minimalistic modern, the rustic country living style or the glamourous and sophisticated look – we have a wide selection of items to pop up your home.

Accentuate your space with our decorative accessories from MM Decoration & Interior Design

Need some decorating ideas? Take a look at our Interior gallery for inspiration. Find more in my BLOG

* Vases.
* Mirrors.
* Frames.
* Rugs.
* Cushions, plaids
* Storage, Baskets & boxes.
* Wall decor , wall plates
* Candles , home fragrance
* Ornament sculptures
* Ceramics
* plants

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“The best decoration is the distillation of the ancient and the modern” Thomas Jayne

“I love the unexpected element – the clash that breaks the rules and creates the charm”

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