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Personalised furniture schemes at a competitive price! ! MM DECORATION & INTERIOR DESIGN Has prepared for you 5 stylish design concepts each of individual style from traditional to high quality contemporary furniture. Suitable for holiday homes and private residences.

A complete home furnishing package includes the basic furniture and decorative accessories combined with free professional design service which covers every aspect of decoration from design to planning to the ordering and the co-ordination of deliveries and full installations. You feel free to change the elements of our packages and combine them with our suggested design ideas. I also provide a personalised designer inspired scheme adapted at your style and budget. I make it easier than ever to design, style and furnish your home

We work with you to achieve a cohesive look and feel, and even incorporate existing items you may want to keep. We can work off architect drawings or a basic room plan to agree layouts, and we will even source everything to pull the final look together. For extra convenience we also offer a free personal shopping service to order and coordinate all your items.

Currently Updating Our 5 Concepts - Soon To Come!

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