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We embrace a textile culture closely linked to the most inspiring leading-edge design. We cultivate a unique sensibility for capturing trends and the timeless aesthetics that inform spaces today.

We open ourselves up to the world around us to create special, one-off pieces. Materials with character. Respecting their essence and textures. From flame-retardant fabrics, resistant to heavy wear-and-tear, and suitable for outdoor use…to lavish luxury with sumptuous velvet & chenille curtains.

We work with top national & international brands such as  Gancedo, Morris&Co, Sanderson, Jab , Andrew Martin etc.

In each fabric, wallpaper or rug there beats a passion for quality that only MM DECORATION & INTERIOR DESIGN can provide.

  We stand for quality which aspires to permanency as opposed to a throwaway culture tossed hither and thither by fleeting fashions.

MM Decoration & Interior Design carry a large variety of fabrics from silks to natural fabrics ,  signature collections, ceramics, lamps, rugs, decorative articles and many different artworks.

Please take a look below at some of our most recent work and browse through my blog with new interior design ideas& recommendations

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